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Date My Wardrobe


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Search virtual wardrobes to see what is available to rent in your city

Date My Wardrobe

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Contact owner to ask questions or check on availability on a specific date. You will hear back within 24 hours.


If available, reserve the item to be rented on the given date.

Date My Wardrobe

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Meet the owner to pick up the item

Return the item after use.

DMW Delivery

Request Date My Wardrobe to pick up and return

We deliver for free in Boston-Cambridge area

Date My Wardrobe


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Date My Wardrobe's partnership program is ideal for those in the fashion industry who are excited by the the possibility of creating a more sharable fashion community and building their customer base. If you are a fashion designer or boutique owner, we'd love to talk with you.

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The Date My Wardrobe newsletter will keep you up to date on all things fashion, Boston, and DMW. From exclusive industry interviews to featured rental items, from staff book recommendations to fun company updates, we promise to keep you in the loop without overwhelming you. To join the list, simply provide us with your email address. We'll do the rest.